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Blimey that jack has jumped to the back of the petanque piste again!

Further information on Jumping jacks. Practice sessions you can play on your own.

If you are playing on an international size piste 15m x 4m the chances of a jack moving from 6m to between 11m to 14m is possible. The jack moving to the sides may have a larger chance of going dead. This is why practicing this type of shot is so important. The jack jumping away from the circle but to a position behind the current head. There could be just two boule in this head or 11! And you may have the last boule to play. The jack movement could be for all sorts of reasons. By accident or on purpose, it could be a million reasons. They are all irrelevant. It is just you, the piste, the position of the jack and your boule. Prime importance is on the landing spot. Finding an area free of boule that will get your boule into an “on” scoring position. It can be tricky to focus on a landing spot over a lot of boule. Your team will be there to help. Practicing on your own can be difficult but use a string circle to mark a landing area over the other boule on the piste. This will improve your ability to focus on an area of piste away from the obstacles. It can be easy to be drawn to focus on these boule rather than an open space. Practice and practice again. 

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