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Boule magnets. Choices of petanque equipment.

Boule Magnets!  The game is ideally suited to those among us who wish to be fitter but require an activity that is accessible at their level. No great strength is required just a keen eye and most importantly a cunning mind. The sport of Petanque can be played by young, old, disabled, in fact by the spectrum of abilities.  The sport is ideal for people getting to know each other in an open environment without the need for expensive clothing as with Bowls. Those of us lucky enough to play the game know throwing metal balls around is fun, skilful and  thoroughly enjoyable.


So bending over to pick up your boules can be tricky sometimes and boule manufactures have thought of this and most supply them in their range.


Obut have two types. A traditional round boule magnet with a concave magnet face. These will pick up a boule easily but can be tricky to release as these magnets are very very strong. If you have difficulty with these magnets then that have one on a strap that can be easily flipped off the boule when you have it in your hand. Same curved magnet grip but the design means you can break it away from the boule with an angled push of the long magnet section.

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