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Buying the correct petanque equipment can be tricky

Our passion, our petanque shop, our assistance.

We have been helping players select boule for over 27 years. Many have been from a starting point where they did not know they come in a range of sizes and weights let alone various metals. It has been a pleasure to see players develop in the game and enjoy the sport with the correct equipment. The sizing process can be tricky as each player is different and have different hand sizes. We feel it is not how heavy you are or how tall you are, it is all down to achieving a comfortable grip. This can have its own difficulties as the grip on a new boule and a boule having years of use can be vastly different. We have a hand size chart to gauge the hand size as well as a set of engineering callipers to accurately measure customers boules or a boule they have brought along that they are comfortable with. It can be more of a consultation than a transaction. Every player is treated as an individual. Many people enquire why we do not have an online shop facility, but it is a personal experience rather than clicking on the boule you think maybe right for you. We are always happy to help, it is a passion that drives us to sell the correct boule to the individual. 2022 is going to be an exciting year on the piste and we look forward to seeing you at our shop or on the piste.

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