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Eric has just started playing petanque and has lots of questions

This is Eric and he is an “ingly” Eric has just started playing petanque and has lots of questions.

Lots and lots of questions about the game. He has heard of a few things from his fellow players but to be honest they have only been playing for a short time and think they know all there is to know. Eric is not so sure and loves to do research before he does anything. Where is Eric from? Well, it is a fairly short story. He lives down by the river, just by the ford. So many people are excited about getting to the ford they do not look at the area just before it on the bank is a slight hollow where the Ingly’s hang out. They enjoy a competitive game of boule and are learning as they go.

3 things you need to know about Eric

1 He hates Christmas, hence his appearance after the fairy lights have been taken down

2 He hates being mistaken for an Elf. It makes him very angry.

3 He asks lots of questions about petanque.

We cannot help with the first two Ingly issues but we are happy to help answer his petanque questions as best as we can.

Well over to Eric,


Good question Eric. It is not against the official rules of the game. In these cold winter months the sting of a frozen boule in the hand can be unpleasant. Many players prefer not to wear a glove and to use a hand warmer or pop a glove on when they are not throwing their boule. If it is wet weather then the glove will soon become damp and sodden inside so some players prefer a close fitting glove with neoprene grips on the fingers and palm to wear all the time. Here we see a typical pair from mountain warehouse with a pimple grip on the palms. Perfect!

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