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How to keep you petanque boule clean?

There are many methods to use to prevent your boule from becoming dirty and oxidisation discolouring your boule. Over the years we have looked at lots of solutions and we keep getting new suggestions all the time. WD40 is a favourite but it can have a strong smell and may not be the best option. We use it to clean tar from boule when you have been playing on a tar based piste were they have used road scaplings rather than road chippings. ( Common mistake! ). WD40 lifts the tar from the boule and then just rinse in warm water with a bit of washing up liquid to get rid of the smell. Instead of WD40 you could use Sunflower oil or 3 in one oil and the single drop will cover all three boule without making them too slippery. However Obut have seen the problem and have the solution to boule cleaning using their years of experience. Obut Spray Boule cleaning and maintaining. PEBOCP Comes with a cloth!

Obut Spray Boule cleaning and maintaining. Developed for cleaning and maintaining petanque boules after every game or once a month when not in use. Does not harm the skin. Has superb cleaning properties Biodegradable. Kit contains 50ml of fluid and comes complete with wiping cloth. Ref No. PECC £11.99

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