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How to throw a petanque jack when playing boule

Throwing the Cochonnet is very important. It should be thrown like a small boule, with some backspin and a gentle loop in the air. The picture shows how to hold the jack. Gently in the fingertips but firm enough to give backspin. The middle finger is used as a guide and the jack is held between index and ring finger. As with throwing a boule, the thumb is not in contact with the jack at all. On a hard piste the jack will roll a long way, hence the back spin. On a deep piste it can be lobbed just like a boule. The amount of backspin and height is a matter of practise for the individual and of course depends on the terrain. Using string circles try to consistently place the Cochonnet in a circle 10 inches or 25 cm in diameter. If you wish, use the circle's to land in so the jack rolls to the target circle. It is important to use very fine marking for these landing circle's so as not to disrupt the natural roll of the jack. Vary the distances so you can be prepared for all eventualities. You may wish to play at seven metres but if your opposition are hitting everything at that distance you may try to stretch the jack out a bit if you manage to get it back that is! Practise all the lengths so you can accurately throw the jack there consistently. Have fun!

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