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New to Petanque? Here is tip number 2 of the series

Five things new players to the Petanque game get wrong

Part 2 Do not know who’s boule is who’s

This is a common problem when players begin to play with competition boule as they tend to have less markings or less obvious markings so it can be tricky. One of the major questions we get asked are “How do you know who’s boule is who’s?”

It can be a common question for players who have been playing for years. Think the wrong boule is yours and you could get into serious difficulty in a game. Knocking up the wrong boule can be very entertaining for the opposition but not so funny for your team. It is just a case of knowing each boule will have giveaway differences. Maybe the type of boule, the weight and certainly the serial number. These may not be visible but you can always ask. With this in mind it is just a learning process. So we thought we would run a short quiz of “Who is on?”

Simple. Two teams with different boule but in the third photo, who is holding. You need this information in order to play and discuss tactics. If you cannot tell, then petanque can be a very difficult game to play

Question 1 Who is holding?

Answer later.

Question 1 Answer….. Team A are holding 1 boule, Team B are 2nd and Team A are third

Do not panic. It will get easier. Some players mark their boule but this can make the game easier for the opposition when a shot will become more obvious if you boule is brightly marked and the only one of your teams in the head.

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