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Petanque practice can be boring!

Yesterday we looked at pointing to a jack that has jumped into space. In order to try various situations get a playing partner to assist in moving the jack into a space behind a mocked up head. ( You can put the jack somewhere yourself) Then you are ready to play the Jumping jacks game.

How to score so you have a game you can play with a colleague or on your own

The game should be simple to play. Before you throw your boule the opposition are scoring three points. Each boule you throw should be closer than the nearest opposition boule or brick or wooden block, whatever you have used. Your boule should not go dead or hit the side of the piste. You score three points if all three boule count. If just one of your does not make it to a scoring position then the opposition score three! It is about focus on every boule! First to 13!

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