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Petanque Shooting competition tips Task 3

3. A boule in between two other boule. Picking out target boule in a pack is a sign of a top player. This can be a frustrating part of the shooting competition but concentration is required. Touching the boule either side with the target boule once hit, or you shooting boule will give you one point only. Even a careau spinning into a side boule just to kiss it is a one point shot instead of five. Nerves of steel are needed to accept the rules in this, the strictest of the shots to master. The set up is to leave 3cm between the boule each side of the target boule.

The successful shot must hit the boule in the sweet spot about the size of a 1p piece on the front of the boule. Same shot as the first two in reality. The centre of the boule must be hit. Off line will send your boule and or the target boule sideways into the obstacle boule. Horse jumping uses multi coloured fences, posts, flowers and brick looking walls as a distraction. The fence is exactly the same height as the last one, not harder or easier to jump. The shooting competition to this stage is the same as show jumping. Your boule is the same and the target boule is in the same place. A direct hit will result in a carreau in the first, second and this task. If you are looking for points maybe a smaller boule could be the answer. Radical but you are looking for any edge here. Using a large boule will hit more boule in a game, maybe? But using a large boule in the shooting will make it harder to fit into the gap left by the target boule. Now we are only talking millimetres but a 73mm boule over a 78mm boule gives you an extra 5mm to play with. 2.5mm each side. Thinking about size of boule on this task may be difficult as your boule are the boule you play with week in week out. The target boule is 74mm diameter and it could be you are trying to replace it with a 76mm boule or larger. The 3cm gap, well lets go closer. The 30 mm gap has been reduced to 29mm each side with a 76mm boule. A 72mm boule will give you a final gap after a carreau of 31mm each side. So you could have an advantage of 4mm over an opponent using a 76mm boule. Thats almost ¼ inch in old money

One point for a hit on the target boule. Three points if the target boule leaves the circle. Five points for a careau. No points if the boule thrown lands outside the circle and continues into the circle to hit the target or moves or touches the side boule. No points if the target boule touches the side boule either.

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