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So many petanque jacks to choose from. Which colour?

Which colour jack to choose for your petanque game?

There are a host of different colours for jacks and the strange thing is some show up better than others. This can depend on the piste surface, the light and the players colour definition. Under floodlights the colour can also appear to change. A darker jack can show up better than a lighter colour one like yellow for example. Always best to have a few colours handy to cover all situations.

Single Competition Jacks

Art BB Jacks Bright painted wooden jacks with Obut logo 30mm Diameter £3.19 each please request colour Black BBNOIR Red BBROUGE Tricolour BBRWB Pink BBPINK Yellow BBYELLOW Blue BBBLUE Plain BBPLAIN Bright Green BBBRGREEN Fluo Orange BBFLOORANGE

Cannot make up your mind which colour you will choose? Buy 4 for £9.00 All one colour or your choice of mix.

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