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Soft Stainless steel boule from the Obut Petanque range

Art No.Soleil 110 £185.00 includes Jack, Sleeve as well as P+P Soleil 110 Inox. Soft stainless steel shooters boule that performs superbly in competition. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and annealed to a low degree of hardness to give remarkable anti-rebound characteristics. The softest Stainless steel boule available at 110kg/mm. The beauty of this boule is the blend of the quality of stainless with the softness to perform when shooting or pointing to absorb the impact. Precision Balanced and finished in natural stainless. 3 year warranty (except the marks, which are caused by the clash due to the low degree of hardness). Degree of hardness: Soft. Agreement-signet of the FIPJP and weight are engraved. Dia 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79 and 80mm Weight from 650 to 800 grms available in increments of 10grms Patterns 0 and 1

Our review. These boule used to be made by Okaro boule and when Obut took them over they kept this in their range. Why? Because it is an amazing boule. We have played with these boule since 2014 and they have an amazing carreau rate and the grip once they have worn in is simply amazing. Maintenance free and as you can see below the wear is amazing. This year they have expanded the sizes and weights to make this one of the best boule available.

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