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The jack is not the target Petanque tips continues.....

The game of petanque revolves around who is closest to the jack, so it is a bold step to question, “Is the jack the target all the time?”

We will try to look at times when the jack is not the target. Most of these have been covered in previous tips but we thought we would get all the occasions together that the jack is not the target hoping you will be amazed how many times this is the case.


B.    The team you are playing are shooting everything in sight and you are down on boule. You have a choice if you are pointing. Point to the jack or point a defensive boule in front or near the oppositions boule. ( Shown in photo. The yellow boule is using the blue ones as cover. Circle is bottom of the photo )  This is covered in tactics in another section but you still need to be able to make the oppositions boule your target if that is the plan you have chosen. This can save a big score if played at the right time. Sometimes it has given me the point as the opposition have shot and cannoned my boule into theirs to give me a point. I did not laugh, just a snigger.

C.    The knock up shot. You are pointing but the jack is not the target initially. You are looking to play through a boule in front of the jack. The jack is not the target.

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