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The petanque jack has jumped, are there more boule options?

Jumping jacks part 3.

In this session we are looking at pointing into a space once the jack has jumped to the back of the piste. We are looking to clear all the boule in the old head and get our boule into a scoring position. On rare occasions when the opposition are out of boule it maybe possible to knock in the boule from the old head to score more points. Very easy to point through the gap to be on but what about some more points! We mentioned this in the original tip and it is worth covering but has only happened to me 5 or six times in 30 years of playing. It is rare but you never know when it will happen to you and your team. Generally it happens when you have tried to shoot the jack in a tight head to get more space or to kill the end and gain points from the boule in hand rule. Several factors need to be taken into consideration and you will  need to know who’s boule are whose. Very embarrassing if you put the oppositions boule onto the jack by promoting it. So we have assumed the opposition have no back boule, good! The boule that is holding is a back boule in the head of the opposition and you should be able to clearly see one of your boule to knock into an on position and the boule you will throw will also be on otherwise there is little point! Obvious to us but others may not be so clear on the task in hand. To practice this shot line up 6 boule in a line across the piste at 6.5 metres from your circle and practice promoting alternate boule in the line of boule. Simple!

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