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The simple Petanque jack.

Its all in a name. Who would have thought a name of a main focus in the sport of petanque could be so problematic. Coche, Jack, La Cochonnet, But, Pea and even Rabbit have been used to describe the target in a game of petanque. On our travels playing boule we have noticed the jack is called different names in different regions of the country.  The word cochonnet is a French children’s word meaning piggy. I guess it can be a little pig sometimes and certainly when it pings onto an opposition boule it can be called a few other words!  All wooden jacks of a regulation standard are made in boxwood. A very hard dense wood that takes a lot of work to turn it ( sic ) into a specific size. I have seen one break in half during a game but most survive a great deal of abuse. Various colours are available and some show up better than others in certain lights so worth having a variation of colours in your petanque equipment.


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