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We are happy to sponsor the Petanque England Junior Shooting Competition

Over the last few days we have been looking at the skills and tips required to improve your score in the discipline. The winner of this competition gets a shield, a glass trophy and a set of boule of their choice from the Obut range. Prizes down to third place. Have fun. Last minute tips, well...... Other factors to take into account to get a correct set up, The target boule should be an identical diameter of 74mm, weight 700 gms and are smooth. They should be of light colour. The target jack should be 30mm in diameter and have a light colour. Obstacle boules should be 74mm, weight 700 gms and are smooth. They should be of a dark colour. You need 1 circle 1 meter diameter with hooks or nails 4 circles of about 50 cms in diameter with hooks or nails. Maximum score for the series 100 points.

It is a team game. You are allowed help and assistance from a team mate or coach standing along side the exercise. General notes. Always, always step back on each task. Even if you miss to create the reality of the competition. No second shots at the 6 m task. A miss and it is straight back to 7m then 8. Tough but it is a difficult task Good luck.

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