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Goodbye to a dear friend the 2 Metre Stanley boule measure with scorer and callipers.

This all singing, all dancing, piece of equipment that was the mainstay of measuring in petanque. Sadly the tooling owned by Stanley no longer exists and the measure became increasingly expensive to produce. Various makers had their branding on the base but as you pull the tape out you will see Stanley printed on these tapes. The tape measure could measure up to 2 metres with a tape in printed scale steel and a sturdy lock system. The tape was marked both sides as it can be used in two ways to measure and has a plastic pointer on end of the tape which allowed accurate comparison of jack to boule.

Placed in between boule and jack they have a pip on the back to place on the boule and the pointer end can be shown to the jack to see the differing gap from one boule and jack to the other. Not to be placed on the ground and pushed up against the boule as this can cause movement of the boule! Always best to hold it upside down to measure and that is why the tape is marked both sides. The measure also had Integral callipers that could measure up to 9 cm and dial scorer add to this items attraction. Do not lend this to anybody as they are a bit fiddly and they may change the score on the dial by mistake.  Oh yes it has a scorer on the side! So why is it no longer produced. Well the measure has….. wait for it…… 20 individual parts.

If we can find old versions of these classic measures. We recondition them and have them on our web site. They are used but restored to almost new condition. They have seen a life but have always been a super does all measure. Rare ones still come in the box with full instructions how to use them!   


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