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New boule launch 2024

Breaking news. New Boule launch 2024. Left handed boule

Over the years boule manufacturers have used the very latest technology to produce outstanding performance and reliability. Special alloys and heat treatment techniques have been honed to produce world class competition boule. Every type of boule have been manufactured using soft steel, hard steel, stainless steel and bronze alloy to get supreme performance. Small and big, heavy and light and every mix in between to fulfil player’s needs.

However, one boule has eluded manufacture until today and it has been a long time coming. To bring Petanque in line with the European Discrimination Policy Act of 2014 a boule has been developed especially for left handed players. It is to be designated the code Ravil 1 and to be used by left handed players. These players have always found it difficult to keep the standard right handed boule under control in a left handed spin. This is due to the balance of the boule, although the right handed boule are made to close tolerances the tendancy is always leaning towards a right handed players use. It is also why you can block a left handed players route to the jack by placing your first point just left of the jack. The forging process and welding techniques in manufacturing have been adjusted away from the right handed bias. Some experimentation has taken place in the past and boule have been made for left handed players. These boule have been passed from player to player and may now be in the hands of right handed players. These are easily identified by an L at the beginning of their serial number. This denotes the grain on the left hand side of the boule is .001 percent more dense than the right side. If you are playing with an L serial number and are not left handed this would account for your boule veering to the right when you are throwing making a right hand spin more difficult. Now you Know!

These new boule, although significantly more costly to produce are being offered at the same price as right handed boule due to equal opportunity grants for the EU. The launch date is 1st April 2024

and sales are expected to be high as 22.5% of players are left handed. The new boule is to be coded as Ravil 1 in France and should soon be available in the UK very soon. The range is expected to be developed so Left handed jacks will also be available as well as Circles and Baseball caps

If you would like more information on the boule and how it can help your game please feel free to contact us and we will sent you our latest catalogue.

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