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How to use a Petanque comparison tape to measure boule

Integrale Measure Art 143

This steel comparison measure features locking strip and a pair of callipers for those close measures £18.10. The new colour for 2023 in royal blue, shown below in the tip in its old colour

How to use this equipment

This 2 metre comparison tape in plain steel has a sturdy lock system. Pointer on end of tape allows accurate comparison of jack to boule. Remember we are not really measuring, we are comparing to find the closest boule. Placed in between boule and jack they have a pip on the back to place near the boule and the pointer end can be shown to the jack to see the differing gap from one boule and jack to the other. Do not place on the ground. This is very important as the placing of the measure on the ground may get the rock off stones on the piste and move the boule. Pistes are rarely flat! The photo shows how it is best to use upside down as shown. Remember when measuring that you should not touch anything being measured. Boule and jacks can move very easily on gravel and other piste toppings. If you move anything you will lose the point. Integral callipers measure up to 9 cm. These little callipers are superb in a tight situation and very visible comparisons can be made to all concerned. Limited to a minimum distance of 5mm and a maximum distance of 90 mm, extremely accurate and fill the short fall folding umpires measures have at close range.

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