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Magnetic Petanque jacks are available

Magnetic jacks. Many people ask us if a magnetic jack is legal to play with as we sell them as part of our range. The old trick was to drill and put a panel pin in the jack so it can be picked up by a magnet. Now the rule Art 3 states “be capable of being picked up with a magnet”. Seems very sensible so why do magnetic jacks exist at all? Well although illegal to play with in a game the sport of Petanque can be played by young, old, disabled, in fact by the spectrum of abilities. In a game there maybe some one who can help pick up a jack. I see magnetic jack have a clear purpose. Practice! If you use a magnet to pick up your boule and wish to spend a few moments alone practicing then the magnetic jack is for you. If you are playing a friendly game among friends and you all use a magnet then the petanque police will not wrestle you to the ground if you decide as a group to use a magnetic jack. After all it is all about playing and having fun. Hope this helps.

Magnetic Jacks pack of 6

6BIACP Pack of 6 black coloured Jacks made in special resin with embossed Obut Logo 30 mm Diameter Can be picked up with a magnet approved for competition use by the FFPJP The French Federation. ( as not approved by the FIPJP the International Federation) £19.36 includes postage

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