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New Petanque jack machine arrival

Breaking news. New laser jack making machine 2023.

Just when you thought technology had gone too far with 3D printing and modern manufacturing techniques we have just purchased a new jack making lazer cutter. Boxtree jacks are notoriously hard and the terrible shortage of boxwood has now been overcome with extensive woodland planting. Just shows saving the planet also saves petanque. Many jack carvers did however go to the wall as the wood shortage devastated the industry in Eastern France over the last few years. The boxwood tree planting just too late to save many. This shortage has lead to designers putting their heads together to overcome the problem. All jacks before 1985 were hand carved by cottage industries. The tolerance of 30mm diameter plus minus 1 mm was done by partisans with years of experience. Passed down through families for generations the skill of a rounded jack was difficult to achieve. Technology comes to use all eventually and the new 1AP machine produces round jacks with a series of passes over a thick plank. Here we see the process just as the jacks are revealed and then the 2nd photo shows the final separation from the block wood. At the moment the wastage is 45% and over time the designers plan to cut it down to 1.4%. It comes just at the right time when the season is about to start and many players realise their old jacks have become difficult to see as the paint has worn off. At the moment the only colour that can be produced is light brown but investigations into supplies from the Redwood and Orange and lemon trees will hopefully bring red, yellow and orange jacks as standard.

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