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Pen-Y-Coed Petanque are proud to Sponsor the Petanque England Junior Shooting Championship

Shooting Competition Introduction

This session we look at shooting. I know we have covered the subject before but this time we look at the shooting competition, why it reflects the disciplines required to shoot successfully in our sport and how it maybe our route into more publicity and Television coverage of Petanque. We are going to look at the sections required and some tips to help. The Shooting competition has been held in England at regional National and Junior levels and most may have seen it but few have actually tried it. For one it can be difficult to set up when practising on your own but it is one thing that should be practised as it is sure to become more popular. In a game you generally only have the opposition watching you, in a shooting competition the action draws a crowd and they are all watching you! The tasks in the shooting discipline are 5 basic set ups with one attempt at each one from four distances. This means no correction can be done as every shot is different on the length or target.

Here we look at a few tips to improve your score as well as improve your game. We will look at each set up and examine common faults that can be ironed out and strengths that can be built on

The set up is simple but must be consistent and the five stages are as follows, all take place in a the interior of the circle of 1 metre diameter pinned to the ground with nails or pegs or marked.

The position of the shooter is in 4 circles of about 50cms, at 6 metres, 7 metres, 8 metres and 9 metres from the edge of the circle of one metre where the targets and obstacles are found. The boules targets are always placed in the centre of the target circles so you are actually shooting at distances of 6 ½ metres, 7 ½ metres, 8 ½ metres/ 9 ½ metres We will call them 6, 7, 8 and 9 for simplicity.

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