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The best boule available ? The ATX from Obut Petanque

Art No. ATX £306.00 includes Jack, Sleeve and P+P OBUT ATX. The choice of Specialists. Manufactured to your exact requirements from very high quality special stainless steel. Shot peened finish. This boule is so precision balanced the individual boule only vary 2 grams between the set of three. Each boule is made to 20 hundredths of a millimetre to your chosen diameter. Balanced to 0.5% of the weight of the boule. Anti rebound boule performing as shooter or pointer on all surfaces. Degree of hardness: Semi Soft. Can be engraved with your name if required. 3 year warranty (except the marks which are caused by the clash due to low degree of hardness). Agreement signet of the FIPJP and weight are engraved. Required special to order manufacture and is not available from stock. We do not stock these boule as the ATX are made for you to your exact specifications.

Dia 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79 and 80 mm

Weight 650 to 800grms available in increments of 10grms

Patterns available 0 and 1.

Our review. This boule used to be called the Rolls Royce of boules but I think that may have been a slight copyright infringement. When you look at the F.I.P.J.P rules it becomes clear the boule need to be round, made of metal and have weight and size limitations. If you had no limit to making the very best boule to fill this criteria my guess is you would come up with the ATX. Everything about this boule harnesses cutting edge technology, engineering and performance. I think Rolls Royce would say the same about their products. Once you have played with this boule it is going to be a difficult decision to move to any other boule. It does everything you want it to. The balance is amazing and the carreau rate is good. The wear of the boule stands up to a lot of play. Maybe you would move to a softer boule for shooting but you may end up buying a set every year. Told you it was a difficult decision. The pinnacle of Obut's range.

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