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The Match Plus Petanque Boule from Obut

Art No. Match Plus £165.00 includes Jack, Sleeve as well as P+P Obut Match +. Obut supply three boule with the + Hardness and this is one of them. These boule are created using steel with a high internal resistance and a tempering process unique to Obut. This gives a reduced resonance in the boule so it can absorb shocks. It behaves like a very soft boule but with a level of wear you would associate with a traditional semi soft boule. This makes them perfect for pointing and shooting. Great middle boule from Obut, soft enough to shoot but also great for pointing. An all round semi soft carbon steel boule for shooters and pointers alike giving a minimum recoil. Manufactured from a special steel, annealed to a low degree of hardness. Finished in black. 3 year warranty (except the marks, which are caused by the clash due to the low degree of hardness). Degree of hardness: Semi Soft. Agreement-signet of the FlPJP and weight are engraved. Dia 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76 Weight 680 to 730grms Patterns available 0 and 2

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