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The Petanque England Junior award scheme The Green Plus level.

The Petanque England Junior award scheme is constantly reviewed, and it was discovered the gap between Green and Red was so large there needed to be an interim stage that was achievable by young players. The Green Plus was introduced and is gained if the candidate completes 3 out of the first 6 practical activities of the Red Award So just as a taster these are the first three tasks of the Red award, there are 6 in total and we will look at all of them when we do the Red award.

In order to pass this award participants will need to attempt all the skill activities and must achieve a score of at least 6 out of 12 in every activity. 1 mark is awarded for every time the task is completed successfully.


1. Demonstrate to the examiner that the candidate can lob a boule over a rope that is position at least 3m above the ground consistently into a circle that is 2m in diameter placed at the minimum distance.

2. Demonstrate to the examiner that a candidate can hit a boule without dropping short, using a soft looping shooting method to hit a boule that is placed 50 cm behind another boule at the minimum distance laid down in the International Rules of the game.

3. To hit the middle boule out of 3 that are positioned side by side with a gap of 10 cm between each of them. The boule will be placed at the 6m, 7m and 8 m. away from the circle.

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