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The Petanque Shooting competition Task 2

2. A single boule over a jack. Many players will not shoot in this situation but a boule just behind the jack is a very dangerous boule that may look like it can be outpointed but it can be difficult. Just touching the jack with your boule will move it closer to the target boule. This discipline is a great reminder that any boule inside 50mm should be shot in most cases. The correct set up is to leave a 10cm gap between the jack and the boule.

Now this is close! Not when you are bending down placing the jack in front of the boule, but, when you get back to the circle. The focus is to hit the boule direct without landing short. This is a psychological shot in reality as hitting the jack is difficult so missing it should be easy enough. Also hitting the boule without hitting the jack is exactly the same shot as the last set up in truth. This task sorts out the shooters who always hit boule to boule and those who drop short. The latter may do very well in games but not in this task. The previous set up could allow a little drop short hit within the circle area. Concentration is required as points are important at this stage. Do not let the jack put you off as it is not really in the way. Feet still need watching as do spectators as a direct hit on the jack will send it flying and as you are giving the boule height over the jack a 10cm or 4 inch short shot will send the jack into row Z. As the distance increases the jack looks even closer to the jack. Concentrate on the boule not the jack. Tips here are to use a 30mm dowel length when practising. It will give the same clearance as a jack but will not fly off all the time if you hit it.

Remember Points are awarded One point for a hit. Three points if the target boule leaves the circle. Five points for a careau. No points if the boule thrown lands outside the circle or in front of the jack and continues to hit the target or moves or touches the jack

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