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The Petanque Shooting Competition. The last round Task 5

5. The jack. The jack target is placed at 20cms from the edge of the circle bounding the target, facing the position of the shooter. It is then situated at 5.2 meters, 7.2 metres, 8.2 meters and 9.2 meters. As if a reminder is needed this can be a dangerous situation. It always fills me full of wonder as you are stood at the edge of the piste while some idiot tries to shoot a jack for practice 6 feet from you. If a boule lands on top of a jack on a hard surface the 30mm lump of hard wood can turn into a very dangerous object travelling at great speed. Caution is always required. The aim of the task is to hit the jack, something we should all try as it can be a match winner as well as a match saver with the boule in hand rule. Three points if the jack moves but does not leave the circle. Five points for a jack out of the circle carreau. No points if the boule thrown lands outside the circle and continues into the circle to hit the target or moves or touches the jack This can be a twist in the tale of the event as points can be amassed quickly with 20 points waiting to be taken. Coming to the end of the competition this section needs to be taken slowly. No point in rushing to finish as this could mean the difference in winning, qualifying for the next round or coming nowhere. The feet still need careful attention and a lower shot maybe best suited to the task. A small boule discussed earlier in the task may be a disadvantage but you must be comfortable with the boule you are throwing. The last round must be cleared from the mind. The last set up was the most difficult and it can be frustrating if you have come away with four shots and no points added to your total. The same is true if you have done well in the last set up. 20 points are still 20 points. Some players qualify with this total so concentration is required. The jack is closer to you than the boule have been and closer to the edge of the circle. This is to stop skimming shots at the jack. A low back spinning shot with loop will produce the best results. A different technique from the last task and this is maybe why many players swap the lead in this round. If you hit the jack and it does not leave the circle do not be disheartened. It is still three points and being down hearted will affect your composure.

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