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The simple Petanque measure locks in place

We are looking at different types of Petanque measure. The Tape Measure.

Possibly the most popular form of measuring in Petanque, but, like other types of measure it carries its own dangers. Small enough to fit in the pocket and can be used to measure; size of circle, jack from edge or playing area, boule distance from jack. The tape measure does have its faults and can only be used as a guide as it can cause problems on tight measures due to the angle looking at the scale and buckling of the tape over 50 cm. The most secure method is to place the end of the tape to the boule end and take the tape measure over the jack. This enables you to look down at the front edge of the jack against the increments of the tape measure. Tape measures are not to be used between the boule and the jack as they are not designed to do this function. They are for measured comparisons only

Art PYC021 3M Pétanque measure.

3m measure also showing sizes in inches. Locks as you pull the tape out to prevent the tape shooting back in when you least expect it. Press the top button and the tape retracts. Has strong steel belt clip. £2.75

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