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Why do some petanque boule players use a cloth.

Why do some petanque boule players use a cloth.

You have been playing petanque for a while and wonder why players use cloths. In the UK the weather can be clod and holding cold steel boule can drain the heat from your hands. When holding your boule when you are not in the circle a cloth can provide a barrier between your fingers and frozen boule. Dust can be an issue from dry pistes in the summer and a cloth can help keep the dust level of your boule down. The grip of a petanque boule is so critical to the throw that a clean boule can be essential to a good throw. In the UK however we have a lot of rain so most of the time we are trying to keep the boule dry and cloths and towels are standard equipment when the weather turns wet. It pays to keep some spares so you always have dry cloth handy.

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