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Obuts RCC soft carbon steel petanque boule for shooting

Art No. RCC £212.00 includes Jack, Sleeve and P+P OBUT RCC. Designed for the modern Petanque game and performance, the RCC (rebound control carbon alloy steel), this is one of the latest generation of high range competition from Obut. It is a boule using the latest concentration of new metallurgical technologies. This cutting edge development has allowed Obut to use a new carbon steel alloy and adapt a new concept specific to petanque boule manufacture. The results give an incomparable capacity to absorb and cushion an impact, especially on very hard ground, during a high lob and a shooting boule to boule, its very special precise heat treatment process, gives the RCC three additional qualities desired by petanque players. Perfectly balanced with a satin black shot peen finish Stays smooth for use and is pleasant to the touch. Keeps soft boule characteristics even after intensive use. Gives great performance with surprisingly little time to get used to the boule and its characteristics. Loves attacking on difficult terrain. RCC from Obut feels great from the first touch and the wear on the surface is mastered and gives controlled recoil 3 year warranty (except the marks which are caused by the clash due to low degree of hardness). Agreement signet of the FIPJP and weight are engraved. We do not stock these boule as the RCC are made for you to your exact specifications. Dia 72, 73, 74, 75, 76 mm Weight from 680 to 710 grms in 10 grm intervals

Our review. This boule is straight from the Match + stable but a little softer. It has the same great textured finish on the surface so it is ok to play with straight away. A lot of time can be taken getting a boule to the correct texture on the surface and mostly this is done by general play and practice. The feel of a brand new slippery boule is exciting until you are playing in the cold and wet. This boule is ready to go and has a lovely grip that improves with play. The boule is primarily a shooters boule with a narrow range of sizes designed for the shooter, no crazy heavy weights just a nice specific weight and size with the shooter in mind.

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